Scientific Games Buys Ordinary Shares Of NYX Gaming Group

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Scientific Games, today announced that it acquired ownership of 11,600,000 ordinary shares (the “Acquired Shares”) of NYX Gaming Group, representing approximately 10.72% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of NYX (the “Ordinary Shares”). The Acquired Shares were purchased through the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange at prices ranging from CAD$2.22 to CAD$2.35 per share, representing an aggregate purchase price of CAD$27,054,565.

Prior to the transaction, Scientific Games did not own, directly or indirectly, any Ordinary Shares.

As announced earlier today, Scientific Games and NYX entered into a first amendment dated November 21, 2017 (the “Amendment”) to the arrangement agreement dated September 20, 2017 between Scientific Games and NYX (the “Arrangement Agreement”). Under the Amendment, Scientific Games and NYX have agreed that should the acquisition of NYX by Scientific Games (the “Acquisition”) not be approved by shareholders of NYX at the shareholder vote in December or not move forward for other specified reasons, Scientific Games will make a contractual takeover offer to NYX shareholders (the “Takeover Offer”) for the same share price contained in the Arrangement Agreement. This reaffirms the companies’ commitment to move forward together.

In addition, earlier today NYX agreed to waive the existing standstill with Scientific Games contained in the agreement between Scientific Games and NYX so that Scientific Games and its affiliates could purchase any ordinary, preferred or other equity securities of NYX or any of its subsidiaries.

In the future, Scientific Games may acquire additional Ordinary Shares pursuant to the Acquisition, the Takeover Offer, market or private purchases or any other means. However, Scientific Games may from time to time also dispose of securities of NYX.