NetEnt hosts Guy Talk dinner on diversity in the tech industry

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With the aim of having more men take an initiative in diversity, inclusion and societal norms, the first ever Guy Talk dinner (#killmiddag) took place Wednesday evening at the NetEnt office in Stockholm.

The moderated dinner centered on men’s role in the tech industry, men’s mental and physical health, male norms, group pressure, friendship, and gender identity. The evening produced lively discussions and a list of practical actions that could be taken by men at NetEnt to ensure a more diverse and inclusive working environment for all. Examples of the actions were:

• Becoming ambassadors for diversity in the office by speaking up for respect, diversity and inclusion at work and by sharing their experience from the dinner with colleagues.
• Addressing bad behavior.
• As a manager, creating a working environment where norms don’t limit anyone’s ability to reach their full potential.

NetEnt is known for its dedication towards gender balance, as the company is working strategically with a clear goal of reaching a 50/50 gender balance in the entire organization by 2020. The Guy Talk dinner highlights the importance of making sure that diversity in all aspects are ingrained in the company’s business processes and of more men focusing on diversity.

The NetEnt Guy Talk dinner was based on the Swedish #killmiddag movement started by Ida Östensson, founder of Make Equal as a forum for men to actively take part in the push for equality.