Pollard Equities Limited Announces Acquisition of Securities of NYX Gaming

Business News

Pollard Equities Limited, a company that holds an approximate 73.5% ownership interest in Pollard Banknote Limited reported pursuant to the “Early Warning Requirements” of Canadian securities laws that it has purchased 4 million warrants (the “Warrants”) to acquire ordinary shares of NYX Gaming Group Limited (“NYX”) on November 28, 2017, at a price of CDN$0.03 per Warrant, for an aggregate purchase price of CDN$120,000. Assuming Equities were to exercise all of the Warrants that it owns, this transaction has resulted in Equities increasing its interest in the outstanding ordinary shares of NYX (the “Ordinary Shares”) by 3.2%.

In addition to the Warrants, Equities owns 8,621,300 Ordinary Shares. Immediately prior to the purchase of the Warrants, Equities owned approximately 8% of the outstanding Ordinary Shares. Immediately following the purchase of the Warrants, assuming Equities were to exercise such Warrants, Equities would own approximately 11.2% of the outstanding Ordinary Shares, when including the Warrants exercised in the Ordinary Shares outstanding.

Equities has entered into an agreement with Banknote allowing it the option to purchase the Ordinary Shares and Warrants that are owned by Equities, at purchase cost.

NYX has recently announced that it has entered into an Arrangement Agreement with Scientific Games Corporation whereby, subject to the approval of NYX shareholders, Scientific Games would acquire all the outstanding Ordinary Shares at CDN$2.40 per share. William Hill Steeplechase Limited, a significant shareholder of NYX, has reported that it intends to convert certain preferred shares of NYX such that it will own approximately 32% of the Ordinary Shares outstanding. NYX is reported to be opposing that conversion.

Neither Equities, nor Banknote has any agreements, commitments or understandings with NYX, William Hill or Scientific Games in connection with the Ordinary Shares and Warrants it has acquired.

Equities intends to monitor the proposed Arrangement launched by Scientific Games and review its investment in NYX on a continuing basis. Equities may engage in discussions with any of the interested parties. Depending on various factors, Equities may in the future purchase or sell securities or engage in other activities relating to NYX.