Karjala Kasino first casino world-wide to launch karelian dialect

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Karjala Kasino, an online casino powered by GiG’s platform service provider iGamingCloud, announced today that Swedish and Norwegian players as well as Karelian speaking customers can now enjoy a completely localized experience visiting this casino with its special story and appeal.

Karjala Kasino CEO Adnan Maslo said: “Karjala Kasino was rebranded and given a completely new look and content in the start of November. We have added local Karelian dialect and based on previous demand, we also opened the brand to international traffic by adding Swedish and Norwegian languages to the site and to the support team.”

Karjala Kasino CEO Adnan Maslo: “It was time to open our community to more markets now”

“It was time to open our community to more markets now. We launched Karjala Kasino originally in summer 2017 for Finnish players and the demand from other markets was very strong already from the start. Overall, the launch has exceeded our expectation and the brand is finding a nice place in the heart of the Finns.”, he added.

Karjala Kasino also became the first online casino in the world to add Karelian dialect to their selection. Karelia is a region in the East of Finland and at the heart of the Karjala Kasino brand.

Brand Manager Henri Kukkonen: “There are many hyper local Finnish brands, but…”

Karjala Kasino brand manager Henri Kukkonen said: “Karelian dialect is spoken in Eastern part of Finland but every Finn is guaranteed to recognize it. We wanted to give our Finnish players something funny and unique without risking losing our identity as a truly Finnish and Karelian brand. The Karelian dialect works really well with the new look.”

“There are many hyper local Finnish brands, but many of them fail to produce a Finnish experience that goes deeper than the brand name and graphics. Our players and affiliates should be happy to see that we’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this one at Karjala Kasino,” he concluded.