Rightlander begins affiliate site compliance checks


Rightlander, the ground-breaking affiliate landing page tracker, has flicked the switch on a new product that allows online gambling operators to run automated checks on complete affiliate sites to help identify compliance issues.

Operators can provide Rightlander with lists of affiliate websites and the scanner identifies pages where operator brands are mentioned or linked, any anchor text used, where images used to link are self-hosted and where specific operator-defined words or phrases occur.

Operators are provided with a range of reports, which can be downloaded in CSV format after each run for flexible filtering, follow-up actions and which can be stored efficiently by the operator audit-trail purposes. Each report deals with a specific affiliate site, and is filtered to only include brands the operator is responsible for.

The reports detail page locations on the affiliate site where any of the above criteria are relevant, making it easier to identify potential compliance issues. Reports are available for the following:

  • Link report: pages where links to brands are found with anchor text
  • Creative report: pages with links via self-hosted creative, with image URL
  • Brand    report: pages where a brand is mentioned by not linked
  • Phrase report: pages where operator-defined words/phrases appear alongside brand links or motions

In short, the Rightlander Compliance Service has been designed to significantly reduce the time taken to conduct manual checks of affiliate websites in an affiliate management system.

Ian Simsfounder of Rightlander, said: “Rightlander is an evolving product that will grow alongside the compliance needs and requirements of online gambling operators. The immediate concern is to help them meet their obligations before the UKGC deadline in March next year.

“From April 2018, it is our intention to provide a more detailed and tailored version of the product, containing elements that work in both real-time and on a frequent basis to ensure affiliate compliance not just in the UK but around the world.”

Rightlander uses a simple cost-effective pricing structure which significantly reduces the cost and time associated with manual compliance checks.