Senet Group chair moves on to new role

Business News

Wanda Goldwag has informed the Senet Group of her acceptance of a role as non-executive Director of the Royal Free Group and that her role as Chair of the Senet Group will end in December 2017 as her three-year term of office expires.

Wanda said: nIt has been an honour working with Senet in raising awareness of the risks associated with excessive and problem gambling. I believe the lead players in the sector have a unique responsibility as well as a unique ability to deliver these messages. The Senet Group has played a central role in crafting these messages and in securing the commitments made to deliver them and to limit various forms of advertising.

The Senet Board has asked Gillian Wilmot, a non-executive Director to act as Interim Chair while it reviews future plans. Gillian said: Wanda has all our thanks for her work with the Senet Group.

To-day more than 80% of players and the public at large recognise the When the Fun Stops campaign to promote responsible gambling and surveys suggest it has helped millions to change their gambling habits on occasion or to intervene with a friend over their actions. But, more needs to be done to make gambling services safer and fairer and to build public trust. That message has been received loud and clear.

Going forward, we expect to work with a wide base of industry partners to raise standards and develop and promote best practice. We will focus on online issues and on younger players who are known to pose a higher risk of problem gambling.