LeoVegas expands into new, state-of-the-art and larger premises in Stockholm

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LeoVegas more than triples the size of its Swedish headquarters and invests heavily in expanding its technology and product organization in Stockholm.

The move enables continued and rapid growth and strengthens LeoVegas position as Sweden’s leading GameTech company.

Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ Group CEO, comments: “As an early Christmas gift to all amazing employees, we today move into a ‘top of the line office’ full of energy. LeoVegas is today an attractive employer who continuously attracts top talent. Our strong corporate culture and growth journey continues!” says Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO.

LeoVegas now has close to 4000 square meters in Sweden, which enables continued recruitment of the technology sector’s most innovative developers within mobile gaming. The new area in Stockholm has been completely renovated to meet LeoVegas’ high standard requirements. The move enables LeoVegas to have 300-350 developers in Sweden compared to today’s approximately 120.

Inspiration for the new office in Stockholm has been taken from some of the major casino hotels in Las Vegas. Besides a creative and dynamic work environment, the office has multiple phototherapy rooms, the compulsory ping pong table, and a Virtual Reality corner. The new office is located at Luntmakargatan 18 in central Stockholm.