Premier League star ‘banned by bookmaker after spending £5.5 million

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A Premier League star has been banned from a bookmaker after spending £5.5MILLION in a matter of months, according to reports.The footballer has not been named but is believed to earn around £100,000 a week.

He was spending upwards of £250,000 a week via online casino games on a popular betting website before the alarm was raised.The firm, which has not been named either, has now shut down his account.

A source told the Sun on Sunday: “He was deemed a compulsive gambler and it was flagged up to managers. “The total cash that went through his account was more than £5.5million.”Most sites love it when punters are depositing such amounts frequently.”But when someone’s doing it at this rate people get worried.”

It comes as a number of footballers have opened up about problems with gambling. Former stars Clarke Carlisle and John Hartson are among those who agree action must be taken to help addicts.

The Professional Players Federation said earlier this week the situation is at “crisis” point.

The organisation also urged “responsible bookmakers” to ensure sponsorship agreements with a sport include provision for mandatory education for participants about the risks of problem gambling.