iGaming’s most Anticipated Event : Fire & Ice 2018 “Zhora”

Event News

Lyceum Media’s Fire & Ice is the hottest interactive performance and experiential networking party on the iGaming Calendar.

Fans of future fiction and all things dystopia will be treated to the party of the year on Wednesday 7th February when Lyceum Media’s infamous Fire & Ice party highlights the most important gaming conferencing week of the year.

“Every F&I is themed or inspired by something that pulls the show together,” said iGaming veteran and show producer Michael Caselli.

“For 2018, the inspiration came from a very specific slice of the legendary Blade Runner film series. Inspired by Taffey’s nightclub and its star performer, the replicant Zhora.”

Fire & Ice 2018 portrays the future from the point of view, ethically, technologically and politically from that of an observer from the year 1982. It asks the question “what will be?” to a soul that had never known the internet, the end of the cold war or the advancement of computing. Taking a path divergent from true history, “Zhora” portrays an alternative future history that hasn’t had the advantage of the last 40 years of human technological and societal evolution.

The iconic Fire & Ice is, above all else, the premium location to entertain and impress guests in the busiest iGaming week of the year. VIP tables host between 10 and 30 people each, and offer their hosts a valuable networking night in a fun atmosphere and an entertainment experience that can only be described as an interactive Cirque-style performance.  Renowned for being the hottest ticket in London that week, friends, colleagues, and clients immerse themselves in the F&I live acts, DJs, performers and meeting new people.

Jodie Thind, organizer and host, says, “Hosting a VIP table at the event is a great way to entertain your guests and complement your ICE or LAC participation. We’re expecting another full house with more than 1,500 in attendance.  Another epic networking night of entertainment is being created for our industry peers and friends and we can’t do it without the support of the companies that sponsor and host tables and are grateful for their support.”

Contact Jodie to see the high impact exposure opportunities available at the event or to book one of the few remaining VIP tables.

Fire & Ice Zhora
Wednesday 7 February 2018
Show Commences 10.30pm sharp
#lyceumfireandice  events@lyceummedia.com

Theatre-Style Show + DJ Lineup: DJQ (Amsterdam), Gaynor James (London)