Illinois Sports Betting Bill Surfaces

Sports Betting

A new sports betting bill could be approaching the surface in the US, and more specifically, in the state of Illinois over the weeks to come. It is still too early to guess what the fate of the proposed piece of legislation would be, but it seems that the sports betting landscape in some US states would be quite interesting.

The latest possibility for a sports betting piece of legislation has emerged in Illinois. So far, the state has not made any considerable steps towards unveiling sports betting legislation, and the new possibility could turn out to be a major decision to be made for region.

Just yesterday, the state lobbyist Steve Brubaker revealed in a Tweet that the Illinois House Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang filed a sports betting bill called HB 4214 on January 4th. The newly-filed bill is focused on creating the legalization and regulation of Sports Betting Act. For the time being, it only contains only a short title provision.

Currently sports betting is officially forbidden not only in the state of the Illinois, but across the country as well.

For the time being, other forms of gambling, such as casinos, the Illinois Lottery, horse racing tracks and video gaming terminals are available to local residents.

In case that the state of Illinois really decides to change its already existing gambling landscape, it would have to push for certain federal law changes in order to be allowed to offer sports betting activities. Such efforts have already been made by other states across the country. According to experts, this could happen until the middle of 2018 in case that the US Supreme Court makes a ruling in favour of the state of New Jersey in the latter’s sports betting case, and this would mean lifting the federal ban on sports betting.