Ladbrokes Coral plans to overcome gender pay gap

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Ladbrokes’ hourly rate was 15% lower for women, but that was due to the large disparity in bonus pay at senior levels, where women’s bonus pay is 25% lower (median). This meant that the firm’s median hourly rate was 2.5% lower than that of their male counterparts.

Ladbrokes Coral Group said the gender pay gap was “largely a function of weak representation at our senior levels”, and said it was looking to improve gender representation.

Ladbrokes Coral statement also said: “We have conducted analysis and believe that the gap is largely a function of weak representation at our senior levels.

“We recognise this and are challenging ourselves to change this over time. We have recently implemented programmes to improve our gender representation throughout the group.”

Company analysis found that there were 164 men and 45 women in the top four grades among 21,300 employees.