Argentina’s MisionBet to relaunch in January

Business News

MisionBet will return to normal operation starting on Monday, January 15 after the courts lifted the closure of the same and gave the reason to the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos State Society (IPLyC SE), first regulator of the game online of the country. 

It will be exclusively in the province of Misiones. This was advanced by the recently assumed chairman of the Board of the Institute, Héctor Rojas Decut. The disqualification had been requested in the middle of last year by the Buenos Aires prosecutor, Martín Lapadú.

The measure was adopted by Judge Rodolfo Ariza Clérici, head of the Court of First Instance in the Criminal Violations and Misdemeanor N ° 1 of Buenos Aires, in a hearing with computer experts on behalf, including the prosecutor, where the arguments were overturned. of the prosecutor Lapadú.

In the hearing in which MisionBet was released, by the IPLyC SE the lawyers Mariano Cuneo Libarona, Oscar Lucangioli and Ernesto Killner acted, and among the expert witnesses Darío Piccirilli and Emiliano Moroña, authors of the computer science, gave their report. other specialists. Through this step, the closing of the official page of online bets in the province of Misiones was unblocked and lifted, which from now on will return to operate normally.

“At a good time from here we started to regulate and see how to find formal exploitation. I think it is a very interesting platform but it must be done under a technical parameter that allows a self-blocking so that a person who is in Corrientes can not play in Misiones because the jurisdiction of the game is provincial. We are making our way when walking, “said Rojas Decut.