Online gambling ban becomes effective in Uruguay

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September of last year, a new online gambling regulator was passed in Uruguay. The new regulators were approved and supported by the Senate and became effective the first of this month.

Online casinos and poker are banned throughout the country. The President of Uruguay Tabare Vazquez signed the law into effect with it become a reiteration of the law dating back to 1895.

The law states that all operators who are providing online gambling services to players in the country will be committing a crime. Unlicensed operators whether domestic and international will be performing or offering illegal activities. The only gambling sector allowed is basically sports betting and land-based casinos. There is one operator that is allowed to offer its lottery and sports betting games in the country, but it’s not online activities.

Additional taxes will be imposed according to the new bill. This new tax will be charged for all betting shops and land-based casinos.

The new tax regime on all betting and gaming revenues is .75%. The new laws also prohibit deals that are considered sponsorship deal between local sports venues and international operators. This includes all banning of advertising on gambling services that are considered unlicensed activities. All ISP blocking will be implemented as well for access to illegal and unauthorized websites offering online gambling.