Bet365 rolls out Bet Builder

Business News

Bet365 have rolled out a brand new feature that sees them move in to the ‘Request-A-Bet’ market that has become so popular in the past year or two.

The new feature, called ‘Bet Builder‘ can be found when you click in to a football match to access more bets and the good news is that it appears to be available on each and every match on the site.

Unlike other firms who offer a request-a-bet facility, whereby you need to contact them to get odds on multiple selections in a game, you’re in control with Bet365‘s new feature.

It can create any kind of multiple bet, using any market in any given match and the Bet365 engine will calculate the odds.

After being slow to allow punters to put on these kind of bets, it appears that market leaders Bet365 have invested in the technology that will change how punters access multiple bets on a single match and it’s bound to prove hugely popular with punters who love to bet on bigger odds.