Casino Calzone launches bespoke reel races for streamers

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Casino Calzone, powered by Gaming Innovation Group’s (GIG) platform service provider iGaming Cloud and casino content solutions provider Fast Track, has just celebrated its first anniversary and is continuing its track-record of developing and releasing innovative new features. Calzone’s latest release, Bespoke Races, adds an innovative and unique feature for its casino streaming channel. 

“Bespoke Races adds an innovative spin on the popular race-type features that are becoming rather commonplace in the online casino industry today,” comments Ben Clemes, COO at GiG.

Streamers play with and against their viewers and peers in real time

The fully customizable races allow streamers to play with and against their viewers and peers in real time opening up a completely new way for streamers and their viewers to engage and interact. The streamer can tailor make his or her individual races with games, points calculation methodologies, spin counts and durations to best suit the individual streamer’s needs. A race can even be set up to run for several days or weeks with the streamer checking progress on stream together with the viewers.

The social interaction element that makes casino streaming so popular is taken to a new level as players will be able to take on streamers head on through these exciting races.

Calzone Co-founder Sebastian Jahreskog: Continuous innovation and engagement is key to stay ahead

“Casino streaming marketing is a key marketing channel for Casino Calzone and to remain relevant and competitive in this space you need to continuously innovate and to engage with your streaming partners and their viewers and we believe this new feature enables this and increases engagement between all parties.”

Casino Calzone has chosen to launch this feature exclusively in conjunction with top UK-based casino streamer NickSlots before rolling out to further streaming partners. NickSlots has already been able to showcase this innovative new feature to his legion of dedicated fans.

NickSlots – Casino Streamer: New bespoke reel races are great addition to great site and brand

“Casino Calzone understands that innovation is key to the success in the streaming market and are always discussing new ideas as well as launching new features that my viewers and I enjoy. These new bespoke reel races are a great addition to an already great site and brand.”