SIGMA at ICE totally Gaming

Event News

ICE Totally Gaming is on the books for 6-8 February 2018, and SiGMA is attending in force. The 2017 edition registered upwards of 30,000 in attendance, and cemented the show’s reputation further.

ICE is known for its product launches, and as a showcase for innovation in general.  ICE VOX, which will replace ICE Conferences, will provide an opportunity of gaming aficionados to get in touch with the more salient industry issues and learn from some of the keenest minds in the business. All of this will take place in one of the best and biggest venues available today.

SiGMA’s attendance is further proof of the organisation’s commitment to the gaming scene at a global level. Furthermore, a number of SiGMA’s clients also attend ICE, making the show an ideal opportunity for the organisation to interact with some of its partners.

ICE is a melting pot of all the key players in gaming today – from operators to regulators. It stands to reason that SiGMA should make its presence felt there. SiGMA’s delegates are keen to meet their current clients, as well as some potential new ones.

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