Intralot signs 10-year contract with Camelot


INTRALOT Inc., a subsidiary of the INTRALOT Group in the United States, with CAMELOT Illinois LLC for the Illinois State Lottery. INTRALOT will provide CAMELOT Illinois with innovative system solutions and a full suite of end-to-end systems through October 2027.

The expected revenue of this multi-year contract for INTRALOT is estimated at approximately $340M. INTRALOT will provide these services in line with the Private Management Agreement (PMA) held between the State of Illinois, the Department of the Lottery and CAMELOT Illinois LLC. INTRALOT will install technology solutions in approximately 7,500 retail locations. INTRALOT services are planned to transition in December 2018.

As the new service provider for the Illinois Lottery, INTRALOT will introduce the next generation of Photon terminals, a proven and durable clerk-operated lottery terminal, and the Genion, a compact ticket checker leveraging INTRALOT’s unsurpassed camera technology. INTRALOT will also introduce a groundbreaking player-operated terminal called the WinStation 30 (Win30). The industry’s first 30-bin dispensing machine is player-activated through a touchscreen with a high-definition monitor to draw consumer attention among noisy retail environments. The Win30 will empower the Illinois Lottery and its private manager to achieve their business goals and the good causes they support. The contractual provisions include digital channel integration points to the Central System, high speed printers, a full suite of peripheral devices, a retailer communication network, a retailer financial portal, asset tracking systems, inbound retail call center management and field service support.

Mr. John Donahue, CEO of INTRALOT Inc., stated: “We are delighted to have been awarded this long-term contract to serve the State of Illinois and CAMELOT Illinois. We have been a successful technology partner with Camelot elsewhere in the world, and together we will prove to be the right combination for the State of Illinois Lottery”.