Lottoland launches the world’s largest jackpot for an online game


Leading online lotto operator, Lottoland have today launched the world’s largest instant jackpot with the game “Bingo Jackpot.” The single player jackpot game gives players the chance to win 30 million euros – an all-time world record in the industry, and over 15 million euros more than any jackpot currently on offer.

“Bingo Jackpot”- developed by Glück Games  is a new take on the classic game, and is already live across multiple markets (, and also ready for distribution to Lottoland’s B2B and B2G customers through Lottoland Solutions as well as through Glück Games and its partner Gamevy.

Lottoland is able to expand its portfolio with high jackpot instant win games thanks to its innovative “Random and insured Number Generator” (RiNG). RiNG allows game studios like Glück Games to insure the jackpots and first prizes of their games – with the prizes being underwritten through Lottoland’s insurance infrastructure.  RiNG is also open to third party game and casino operators who wish to build high-prize or jackpot games and have them insured through Lottoland.

Lottoland’s CEO Nigel Birrell said, “With our RiNG technology we’ve changed the game, offering our customers the opportunity to win large sums of money whenever they want. Customers are demanding higher jackpots – and Lottoland delivers. The growth in instant win games over recent years has been huge and we are proud to be able to offer life changing wins in an instant. ‘Bingo Jackpot’ is just the start.”