Leander brings true innovation to jackpot games

Business News

Leander Games is forging ahead in the race to innovate gaming with a new set of linked jackpot games that work across a set of themes with a jackpot that pays before the featured event.

The games pick up on events such as Christmas, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day and the upcoming World Cup and present new event-based graphics but with the same features and proven maths model. It means players have both the thrill of the new along with the familiarity of a great game, enhancing player engagement and loyalty.

A particular new feature is that the jackpot balance is passed from one game to the next meaning it does not need a new jackpot seed from the casino operator for each event. The game is designed so the jackpot will be won before the themed event, creating tension and drama.

Steven Matsell, Chief Executive at Leander Games, said designing jackpot games around events meant operators had a great marketing opportunity.

“These games will look and feel new and are full of event-based interest, but because they are linked in terms of the mechanics and the jackpots, it means that players will have instant recognition of the games and how to play them.”