French gaming market enjoys strong 2017

Business News

The ARJEL has just made public the figures of the approved online market for the year 2017.

Since 2010, the three segments – sports betting, horse betting and poker – recorded a rise in activity with positive results on both the bets, the gross product of the games and the number of players accounts assets.

On the entire online market, there are 9.2 billion euros in bets and entry fees an increase of 9%, 962 million euros of gross product of the games is an increase of 18% and a 13% increase in active player accounts.

These results are encouraging: they testify to the dynamism of the approved operators and account of the determined action of the regulator.

However, the disparities between the three markets remain very present.- sports bets confirm their pre-eminence with a record amount of bets – 2,510 millions of euros-, 2 million active players accounts against 1.6 million in 2016. In 2018, the prospect of the football world cup in particular portends new margins of progress.

Online horse betting activity starts again after four consecutive years of decline. The origin of this reversal of the trend, the effects of a renewal of the offer of gambling and the increase in the return rate punters eagerly awaited by the turfists. The growth of the number of active player accounts that followed – 523,000 against 484,000 in 2016, a increase of 7% – confirms the validity of these measures.