Portugal’s online gambling market hits all-time high

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As of December 31, 2017, there were 7 entities authorized to carry out the activity of online gambling and betting in Portugal. These entities hold 11 licenses to exploit sports betting and to operate games of chance.

The online gaming and gambling activity generated, in 2017, around 122.5 million euros of revenue. In the last quarter gross revenue reached 36.5 million euros, 7.2 million in relation to the previous quarter, corresponding to an almost 25%

In the last quarter, gross revenue reached 20.5 million euros, the highest value of year in analysis, registering an increase in the order of 26% compared to the previous quarter, which resulted in an additional 4.2 million euros.

Evolution from January to December 2017 on a monthly basis, the evolution of gross revenue showed fluctuations, with some the highest value was observed in January (7.3 million euros), compared to the lowest value recorded in June (3.4 million euros).