Neds Goes Hands-free with Amazon Alexa

Business News

Neds has launched an Amazon Alexa Skill enabling voice commands for racing events on Amazon Echo devices – another exciting feature on an ever-growing list of innovations.  

With this initial launch, Neds punters are now able to simply ask Alexa questions about the upcoming race, and are immediately greeted with a voice response, without having to click a single button!  

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service which can be used on Amazon Echo devices, which are now available in Australia from the website or at your local home electronics retailer.  

Amazon Echo allows users to do things like play music, make calls, check your calendar, weather and traffic. The team here at Neds even use it to book Ubers! 

To utilise Alexa on your Amazon Echo device, Neds punters need only to have downloaded the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and enable the Racing Events by Neds skill, which can be completed in two quick and easy steps.

Punters are continuing to flock to Neds to take advantage of unique innovations and enhancements like Alexa voice-activated skill.  

Neds only entered the crowded Australian online wagering market in September in 2017 and has already secured a strong presence within the industry, offering punters a fun and easy betting experience.