Danske Spil profits down but announces IT investment

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The Danish gaming group’s profit for the financial year 2017 was 1,654 million. The year’s BSI (gross game income = revenue minus premiums) was 4,910 million. The Group thus frames a record high BSI, which is 10 million. DKK higher than in 2016. The annual contribution to the distribution funds is 1,044 million. kr. 

Danske Spil A / S delivers an annual financial statement that exceeds our expectations for 2017, showing the company’s competitiveness in a liberalized market. The most important task of Danske Games is to earn the money for the community, and the Board is pleased with the continued development and strength of Danske Games, “said Peter Gæmelke, chairman of Danske Spil.

Danske Spil A / Shar in 2017 worked intensively with its 2020 strategy and with a sharp focus on delivering Denmark’s best customer and gaming experience to the Danes.

We have implemented and implemented a number of investment IT and customer-oriented initiatives that equip us for the future. Some of the investments we have made during the year have already yielded a return, and several brands have succeeded in taking market shares in the liberalization market, says CEO. in Danske Spil A / S, Susanne Mørch Koch.

The monopoly games became the spring’s conversion of Wednesday’s Lotto to the Viking Lotto tilen winning story. After less than half a year with the new brand name, Vikinglotto hit the highest weekly turnover on the lottery game for five years in November. Imaj could be presenting a new Lotto app, which at the end of the year was spent more than a million times for winning lottery tickets.

The combination of the classic Lotto coupon with a digital solution is another step in the journey towards a strengthened Lotto experience for customers.

In the past year, many efforts have been made to develop the digital platforms and new innovative solutions for retailers and the entire retail market.

In addition, a pilot project in 2017 paved the way for customers nukan to receive winnings up to $ 5,000 paid directly on their Dankort account.

There is no doubt that competition in the gaming market is hard. With the results of the year, we have shown that Danske Spil can compete head to head for the sake of happiness and benefit for Denmark, says Susanne Mørch Koch.

Danske Spil A / Smørker the increasing competition in the gaming market. After two hard first quarter wins, the Oddset brand managed to get back and take market share back to 2018.

The odds have been working intensively with the digital platforms throughout the year and could launch a new unique feature on the Oddset app in June. Since June, the app could show up to six sports matches live at once. The news was the first in the world to present on a sports game. Danske Games’s casino fire continues to grow steadily driven by new game developments and high-level loyalty.

Danske Spil A / S therefore goes on a long range of areas strengthened in 2018, and we look forward to the exciting development,Susanne Mørch Koch concludes.