Brazil government votes against gambling reform bill

Business News

Brazilian politicians from the Senate Constitution and Justice Committee rejected on Wednesday a bill that would have legalized the provision of a number of iGaming services within the country’s borders.

Introduced in 2014, PL 186/2014 allowed for the regulation of Brazil’s gambling market. The bill contained provisions for the legalization of land-based casinos, bingo halls, video gaming, online gaming and sports betting, and the locally popular jogo do bicho.

In a bid to convince their fellow lawmakers to cast a positive vote, the bill’s sponsors, Senators Ciro Nogueira and Benedito de Lira, said on Wednesday that the piece aimed to curb the growth of black market operations and to direct revenue from unregulated gambling services into the country’s coffers. They further pointed out that the legalization of a wider number of gambling services would not only produce new revenue, but would also create thousands of new jobs.

Opponents of the proposal voiced concerns over the effect the legalization of multiple gambling services would have on the poorest members of the country’s population as well as about increased problem gambling and crime rates.