Sportium approved to launch online sports betting in Colombia

Sports Betting

Sportium Apuestas Colombia SAS subscribed a concession contract with Coljuegos to operate “on line” games in Colombia under the domain, which is added to the eight web pages that offer online betting in a legal manner. Colombia. 

The concession granted to Sportium Apuestas Colombia SAS was granted for a term of 5 years and the estimate of the contract amounts to the sum of $ 7,857,937,822.

The President of Coljuegos, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, reported that the concession contract was signed to operate games of chance on the internet with the company Sportium Apuestas Colombia SAS to place bets on real sports events in the domain .co.

Pérez Hidalgo, highlighted that three months after starting the 2018 World Cup, the online games portfolio is quite attractive and diverse for all types of players, in this particular case, the nine pages authorized by Coljuegos offer within their portfolios the possibility of betting on real sporting events.

“Colombia is the first country in America to regulate this online gambling modality. Currently there are nine (9) web pages that offer online bets in a legal way:,,,,,,, and now add, ” said the official.

“With the entry of as the ninth authorized page, the player already has a wide offer to choose the option of their preference, according to their tastes and betting on the most competitive quota1 on the market. By the end of 2018 it is expected that 17 online operators are authorized in the country, according to the great interest of the private sector in the market, “he added.

The President of Coljuegos, emphasized the importance of playing through the authorized pages that allows Colombians and those with a foreigner card, to be sure about their bets, as well as the guarantee of payment of prizes, the proper and safe handling of personal and financial information and control of the game habit with the implementation of individual limits. He also explained that it continues with the help of the Cybernetic Center of the National Police and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, in order to manage the blocking of unauthorized web pages and thus promote the entry of more legal operators.

The regulation of online games in Colombia, allows those who meet the established financial, technical and legal requirements to open up opportunities in the industry, Sportium Apuestas Colombia SAS is a subsidiary of Sportium Apuestas Deportivas SA, a Spanish company with 10 years of experience in sports betting, which in 2016 began its internationalization in Latin America with operations in Panama and in 2017 it decided to enter activities in Colombia.

“The entry of more operators in the market widens the portfolio of games and technologies while providing more and better services to players, gives them more options to bet. The growth of the industry, for which we remain vigilant that more interested companies obtain the authorization of Coljuegos to be operators of online games, concludes in the generation of greater resources for the health of Colombians . ”

“According to the latest statistics with cut to February 2018, there are registered a total of 442,998 players registered in the different authorized online operators, of which 93.8% (415,512) correspond to active players. The operation of online games in the first two months (enerofebrero) of 2018, reported income for exploitation rights of the order of $ 2 thousand 791 million (January $ 1,723,664,785 – February $ 1,067,186,961), ” said the president of Coljuegos .

Finally, Pérez Hidalgo stressed in some recommendations when betting: It is necessary for players to check that the operator’s Internet page, domain or URL ends in .co, just as in the nine (9) legal pages of online betting:,, colbet .co,,,,, and now