Disruptor behind Paddy Power starts his own marketing firm

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The Tenth Man is a new marketing and content agency with a remit to ‘build disruptive brands’, applying Robertson’s 18 years’ experience at Paddy Power during which he propelled the business into the public consciousness with a succession of provocative stunts.

In a statement Robertson wrote: “The name is borrowed from military strategy where, when a group unanimously agrees on a course of action, a ‘Tenth Man’​ is appointed to challenge their findings and explore alternatives. This combats ‘groupthink’​, where the desire for consensus can stifle innovation and deliver diluted results.

“Using the Tenth Man ideology as our guiding principle, we are working with major brands in the UK and Ireland who share this belief. It’s not for everyone, but then again, neither is success.”

Robertson vacated his ‘head of mischief’ role at Paddy Power in June 2017 after which he pledged to continue ‘push the boundaries of creativity’.