Mr Green is international partner of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship and World Cup


Mr Green is the iGaming company showing strong focus on a responsible approach since the foundation in 2007 with several prestigious awards for their Green Gaming efforts in the last year. As an important part of their sustainability strategy, Mr Green is investing in an international sponsorship of the Swimrun World Cup and World Championship.

In 2017, Mr Green launched the #cleantheocean initiative in collaborating with the University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute, IOI. In this project, master’s students in marine environmental control from the British University of York participated alongside Mr Green employees, cleaning the beaches and waters around Malta while collecting data on the state of the ocean in an academic study on marine environment and micro plastic.

This year, Mr Green is expanding its efforts as an international partner of the ÖTILLÖ World Cup and World Championship. ÖTILLÖ is the competition that started the fastest growing endurance race Swimrun, where you run and swim along a pre-selected track. Today, ÖTILLÖ runs the World Cup and World Championship with participants from more than 40 countries. ÖTILLÖ have previously been acknowledged by global campaigns supporting cleaner seas.

In general, Mr Green and ÖTILLÖ will continue to raise awareness of the health status of our seas through the communication and action campaign #cleantheocean. ÖTILLÖ will conduct cleaning campaigns with the local community, participants and their own organization at their competitions around Europe. The purpose is to pick up debris near the race course to highlight how much of the waste left in the nature that ends up in the ocean.

Michael Lemmel, Race Director & Founder of Swimrun, commented;

“We are very proud of our collaboration with Mr Green, it is making us able to jointly raise an incredibly important topic for us as we all rely on clean water.”

Mr Green supports ÖTILLÖ’s efforts through financial founding and continues to work with the University of Malta as well as IOI through local sea cleaning campaigns and certification of beaches around Malta according to the Ocean Alliance’s ‘White Flag’ standard.

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Mr Green Ltd commented;

“As a Maltese based company, we are concerned about the increase of plastics in our seas, which is an important part of our ecosystem. For us it is just natural to contribute to both healthier seas and increased awareness of the state of the sea’s health. A green mindset has been a central part of our business strategy since the foundation in 2007. Mr Green has high ambitions and wants our brand to be associated with responsibility and sustainability.”