Lottoland banned from operating in Australia


Legislation will be introduced to parliament on Wednesday, banning the practice known as “synthetic lotteries” which is a bet type offered by Gibraltar-based gambling company Lottoland.

The move comes after a backlash from official lottery including newsagents, pharmacies, pubs and clubs.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said the practice was undermining a long-standing acceptance of traditional lotteries.

“Online services offering products that involve betting on lottery outcomes are relatively new and have generated considerable community concern,” Senator Fifield told parliament on Tuesday.

“Since these concerns were first raised last year, the government has listened carefully to a range of groups that have views on the undesirability of permitting betting on these products.”

Lottoland Australia’s chief executive Luke Brill said the legislation was misguided and unnecessary.

“The fact is that Lottoland does not offer betting opportunities on any Australian lottery, so our offering does not have a direct impact on newsagents,” Mr Brill said in a statement.

“On the contrary, we want to work with newsagents to provide customers with greater choice and even better services, which have the potential to be highly beneficial for individual newsagents.”

The ban will start six months after the bill passes parliament, to give gambling companies a transition period.

Lottoland is licensed in the Northern Territory where the government banned betting on Australian lotteries.

But the capacity for bets to be placed on the outcomes of overseas lotteries remained, prompting the federal government to step in.