Intralot revenue up significantly from last year


Intralot recently announced its financial results , which testify to the company’s upward trend and the impetus that has been provided by major international ventures . Intralot Group revenues and EBITDA earnings for the financial year 2017 increased by + 16.2% and + 14.3% respectively at a constant exchange rate, compared to 2016.

More specifically, in the twelve months of 2017, the Group’s revenues increased by 11.4% , compared to 2016, while EBITDA earnings increased 5.5% yoy in the same twelve months . During this twelve-month period EBITDA increased by 5.5% yoy.

  • The EBITDA margin fell by 0.9pps (to 15.5% ) on revenue and by 1.2pps (to 29.6%) on GGR.
  • The EBT margin stood at 0.9% (+ 1.7pps as compared to 2016).
  • To NIATMI (Net Profit After Tax and Minority Interest) from continuing operations improved by 21.0% compared to last year (-58.6 million. EUR 2017 from -74.2 million. EUR 2016).
  • T the custom NIATMI from continuing operations improved by 49.3% compared to last year (-15.3 million. Euro -30.2 million. Euros).
  • Net Debt amounted to € 510.7 million , an increase of € 15.8 million compared to Net Debt as at 31 December 2016.

In addition, during 2017, Intralot  extended its contract with Ohio, Vermont, and Arkansas state lotteries, as well as expanded its cooperation with OPAP in the field of numeracy . At the beginning of 2018, a 10-year contract with CAMELOT for the State Lottery of Illinois was signed following the successful extension of the contract with the Wyoming Lottery for five more years.