First shirt sponsorship deal paid in Bitcoin Cash

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Bodog drops Ayr United as a new sponsor steps in: Bodog’s seven-year association with Ayr United has come to an end with, a supporter of both The Honest Men and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coming in to take over the shirt branding of Ayr United. is the backer behind the deal but the club shirt will be physically branded by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin BCH, the only true blockchain coin, in a true global first.

Ayr United’s Commercial Director Graeme Miller explains: “We were initially approached to see whether we could accept sponsorship payment in BCH. It was a big learning curve for us but we are very happy to be the first club to accept not just payment by BCH but also to promote the cryptocurrency to a wider audience.”

BCH is considered to be the one true form of Bitcoin as intended by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. With very low transaction fees BCH is better for both the merchant and the customer.

Long-time BCH advocate, Bodog founder and owner of, Calvin Ayre commented: “I think its great for BCH that such boundaries and promotional ideas are being used to show merchants and consumers that BCH really is the only true bitcoin.”