Goliath Casino launches Affiliate Programme with NetRefer


Goliath Casino at www.goliathcasino.com has recently launched their affiliate programme with NetRefer. Goliath Casino is a Malta-based gaming operator who focuses on providing an exclusive gaming experience to their players.

The team behind Goliath Casino are iGaming veterans with significant experience in the Nordic market, and across Europe. Another aspect which Goliath Casino excels at is innovation and putting the customer first; giving them a choice of multiple games and experiences in which they can choose which journey they would like to follow from their premium product suite. At Goliath Casino, the team is committed to provide fair play at all times, based on mutual prosperity.

NetRefer will empower Goliath Casino with its premium product suite, allowing enhanced management of marketing activities relating to its affiliates (both Online and Offline).

Goliath Casino Statement

Marcus Adler, CEO at Goliath Casino said, “From the get-go there was one choice for an affiliate software, and that was NetRefer. We are thrilled to collaborate with an advanced and cutting-edge affiliate software product, and we are confident that this partnership will boost our affiliate programme and giving value to our partners.”

NetRefer Statement

“At NetRefer, we are ecstatic that an innovative organization such as Goliath Casino which focuses on providing a superb gaming experience to their players has launched their affiliate programme with NetRefer, we look forward to a prosperous relationship between both our organizations,” says Timothy Buttigieg, COO at NetRefer.