PMU reports a net profit of 793 million euros

Business News

PMU’s net profit for the year 2017 is 793 million euros. This profit is entirely redistributed to the French horseracing sector.

PMU returned to growth in 2017, including horserace betting activity, which is up for the first time since 2012. The company recorded a 2% increase in overall activity to 9.929 billion euros in stakes, for gross betting revenue of 2.437 billion euros (-0.3%).

The development of international betting on French Races has continued, with a 10% increase in stakes to 1.147 billion euros and online activities returned to growth at 1.617 billion euros, or 16% of the total activity.

The year 2017 was marked by the initial fulfilment of the strategic acceleration plan PMU 2020.1 and successful launch of several new horseracing products and services, which resulted in beneficial results for betting activity.

These results, combined with the performance plan initiated in 2016 and a saving of €21m in operating expenses, made it possible to achieve a net result in line with the budget commitment made at the beginning of the year to the racecourse companies.

After the return to growth in horserace betting in 2017, PMU’s goal is to sustain profitable growth in its activity throughout 2018. The implementation of the PMU 2020.1 plan continues to progress, with at least two new bets and services launched each year. After the Simple JACKPOT and the Super 4 were successfully  launched in 2017, the 2sur4 JACKPOT has been offered on and in points of sale since March and has gotten off to an excellent start.

With Epiqe Tracking, PMU in association with France Galop, LeTrot and FNCH launched a major innovation at the beginning of the year to enrich the experience of horseracing punters and spectators. This new service, offered through a free application, allows users to take part in races live or in replay, by putting themselves in the place of the jockeys. This tracking app allows users to immerse themselves in the heart of the race in 3D and provides enriched statistics in real time.

Regarding services and the digitalization of the customer journey, PMU will launch or preview several innovations in conjunction with the reopening of the ParisLongchamp racecourse.

The Bluetooth bet via the MyPMU app will allow punters at the racecourse to prepare and validate their bets directly on their smartphones. The “MyPMU ParisLongchamp bot”, which allows novice punters to prepare their bets in an interactive and fun way on Facebook Messenger, will also be test-launched on this occasion. Finally, the offline version of the site (to learn about betting in a simplified way on a smartphone before validating the bet by QR Code) will be offered exclusively at ParisLongchamp, before being extended to other racecourses and points of sale by the end of the year.

Throughout 2018, PMU will be deploying an ambitious marketing plan based on recruitment of customers in this year of the football World Cup.