Unikrn sets up cryptocurrency esports betting platform with acquisition of ChallengeMe.gg


Unikrn has closed a deal for the acquisition of gaming tournament platform ChallengeMe.gg.

The deal is reportedly worth millions though the exact figure has not been disclosed.

Unikrn now aims to build the world’s first cryptocurrency gaming platform where players can bet against each other using UnikoinGold. Unikrn set the process in motion late last year after the two companies partnered to launch the first-ever community Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament with a cryptocurrency prize pool.

Using UnikoinGold, the ChallengeMe.gg platform facilitates competitive and quick play matchmaking, open lobbies, direct challenges, fully automated tournaments, and ladders for CS:GO. However, Unikrn plans to expand these services to include Dota 2 with long-term consideration offered to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Rocket League.

“Now you’ll be able to do the digital equivalent, but with full stat tracking, community interface, and access to the entire network of CME users. Fully powered by our internal blockchain, fully secure, with anti-cheat protections and the best possible equipment to give a fair experience.”

Following an initial coin offering for UnikoinGold in October last year, Unikrn raised $31 million. Coupled with recent acquisitions of DotaProHub, Vision IP, and Leet, the latest deal has bolstered the company’s staff to 55 people.