LeoVegas announces financial targets for 2020

Business News

Against the background of strong organic growth and several acquisitions that are contributing to LeoVegas’ success as a growth company, the Board of Directors has adopted new financial targets for the Group.

LeoVegas is targeting at least EUR 600 m in revenue by 2020 and at least EUR 100 m in EBITDA by 2020. The targets apply for the entire Group.

Following our acquisitions we have now drawn up new financial targets. In 2015 we set the target to achieve EUR 300 m in revenue by 2018.

The new revenue target entails a doubling to at least EUR 600 m by 2020 and does not include potential major acquisitions. At the same time, we are aiming for EBITDA of at least EUR 100 m, which implies adjusted* earnings per share of at least SEK 8** by 2020. The new targets confirm our continued focus on strong growth combined with a sound view of profitability. The targets create transparency regarding where we are headed, both internally and externally,” comments Gustaf Hagman, CEO of LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group