Go Beyond the Reels with Betsoft at G2E Asia

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Join Betsoft at G2E Asia where they will take you beyond the reels to a sneak peek at the next generation of iGaming – MaxQuest.

Part of their new Interactive Gaming genre, this action-adventure, multi-player gaming experience, allows players to fully immerse themselves in gameplay like never before.

Players all over the world have the option to log on and experience our games through Betsoft’s VAULT engine, which offers amazing quality and surprisingly fast access to one of the world’s largest desktop and mobile catalogues in slot gaming. But with each new release there’s even more to get excited for.

In the last few months, Betsoft have built on their already impressive collection of games with stunning and enticing new titles which are the groundwork for the revolutionary titles to come. One new application of this technology, the “trail system”, has already appeared in Legends of the Nile, Sugar Pop 2, and Reels of Wealth. These advancements are made possible by our progressive SHIFT engine, that allows for high-quality game development over multiple platforms at an incredibly small file size.

Building off what Betsoft have already accomplished, MaxQuest will allow players to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb, facing fearsome foes and finding fabulous treasure. Similar to console gaming RPGs, players encounter enemies, find collectables, and work together in order to win BIG. With item collection, achievements, and leader-board, Betsoft are bringing the world of social games to their players. This integrated gamification allows the fun and excitement of gameplay to last beyond just a single win and is guaranteed to have players coming back for more.

If this little taste has left you wanting more, visit Betsoft at G2E Asia stand 925 for a demo.