Norway’s government is proposing restricting payments to international gambling sites

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Norway’s Labour, Christian Peoples, Socialist Left and Centrist Parties’ announced they had developed a combined mandate, which demands the following online gambling restrictions to be implemented by 7 May 2018:

Strict IP blocking of foreign online gambling operators. Allowing Lotteri og Stiftelsestilsynet, Norway’s gambling regulator to monitor banking transactions with foreign operators. Implementing further advertising restrictions targeting the digital inventory of media owners promoting unlicensed gambling websites. Extending Lotteri og Stiftelsestilsynet powers to set fines for violations of Norway’s gambling act and financial codes.

Norway’s government says the new restrictions are made to protect Norwegian problem gamblers.

The state-owned Norsk Tipping primarily offers Lotto, sports betting, slots and some of the money they make goes to charitable causes. Norway is not a member of the European Union.

Norsk Tipping doesn’t offer online poker so the new law will essentially mean that the Norwegian players will be prohibited to play online poker in their country.