NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions appoints new management team


NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS), the modern full-service lottery provider, announces changes to its Executive Management Team. For personal reasons, Frank Cecchini will leave the position of Executive Director of NLS.

Jakob Rothwangl, who is currently the Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of the company, and has been working for the NOVOMATIC Group for 10 years, has assumed the role of Executive Director of NLS in addition to his other functions.

“We would like to thank Frank for his dedication to NLS, his passion for the industry, along with the innovative spirit of our teams, created a strong brand that is transforming the lottery industry,” said Jakob Rothwangl.

The NLS Executive Management Team is now formed by Jakob Rothwangl as CEO and CFO, NLS Technology Director Manuel Bauer and Thomas Schmalzer, who was recently named Director of Operations and Second Managing Director of NLS.

Thomas has worked for the NOVOMATIC Group for approximately 2 years and brings over 12 years of experience in international management and business development.

“NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions remains committed to providing innovative products, attractive games and state-of-the-art technology for the lottery market, while NLS continues to be a stable partner for its customers and suppliers around the world, looks to the future and how Lotteries can free themselves from the limitations of legacy technology, “said Thomas Schmalzer.

Together, the new Executive Management Team will oversee the execution of the NLS mission to transform the lottery industry.