Lottomatica seeks startup to innovate its “Scratch and Win”


Innovating the “Scratch and Win”, its real flagship product. This is the goal of Lottomatica , one of the Italian companies that more than any other has been able to continuously renew itself, thanks to digital, introducing innovative ways in the gaming sector starting from the automation of the Lotto Game management to the launch of the Scratch and Win Online.

Now, the aim is to find innovative solutions that can improve the much loved “Scratch and Win” . This is why Lottomatica has launched a call to entrepreneurs and startups so that they can contribute to making new solutions with an open innovation perspective. The competition was carried out in partnership with the Digital360 Group and will close on May 31st.

The call is aimed at developers, technology providers, agencies, professionals of creativity and communication, students, called to find solutions in relation to new service concepts, new features, new user experiences that can be applied to different digital channels (web, mobile), solutions that use innovative technologies, like blockchain or artificial intelligence.

It can be a concept of radical innovation of scratch and win online lotteries that questions the product, the way it is sold or the mechanics of the game, finding new areas of applicability, new ways of playing or selling to transform the experience entertainment associated with online scratching in something different and interesting for a large pool of consumers.