Scout Gaming signs an agreement with Norwegian NRK

Fantasy Sports

First North company Scout Gaming Group has signed an agreement with Norwegian NRK, Norway’s public service radio and television, on delivery of the company’s Fantasy Sports platform.

The agreement entails that Scout Gaming will provide a free-to-play platform for NRK for the summer’s Soccer World Cup. The agreement also means that NRK and Norwegian TV2 will enter into a partnership where each company’s viewer will be able to play Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) against each other.

The fact that Norway’s two largest TV channels combine and offer its viewers an opportunity to play DFS during the World Cup confirms the spread of gaming in Europe. DFS is a game format that is well suited for editorial integration and we have previously made successful efforts from media companies, including Norwegian TV2.

The fact that NRK is now launching editorial collaboration with TV2 will further improve customer experience, which in turn leads to a larger number of players, “commented Scout Gaming CEO Andreas Ternström.