BetBright goes mobile only

Business News

BetBright has announced a major upgrade to its front-end system, which sees it move to a single ‘mobile user interface’ across all devices, including desktop.

The cross-platform porting of its mobile product means that desktop and laptop users logging onto BetBright will now see essentially the same interface as users on a mobile device.

The upgrade offers BetBright customers the same optimised mobile version across all platforms which prioritises speed, functionally and user-experience. Users will benefit from a slicker and quicker experience as a result, as well as gaining access to additional features which had only been available on the mobile interface previously and not available on the old desktop system.

From a technology and resource point of view BetBright will now be able to focus all of its development resources on a single code base, implementing any new features on all platforms in one hit.

Marcus Brennan, CEO, comments: “This is a very big and long-awaited step for us which brings many benefits firstly to the customer and secondly to the company in terms of efficiencies. Previously we had to develop features twice on two different code bases, once for mobile (app and mobile web) and once for desktop.

“Due to resource demands we had to make a difficult decision two years ago to stop progressing desktop and to focus on mobile, as result our desktop was frozen in time and did not progress. Now in one single and very significant software release we have caught up two years of missed progress on desktop in one instant and moved to a single code base going forward. This is an incredible leap forward for our desktop users and it will accelerate our development road map and increase our efficiencies.”

Marcus adds: “Specifically though in terms of immediate customer benefit in one fell swoop customers have gained a huge amount of product they previously didn’t have on desktop, such as greatly enhanced in-play and scoreboards, Bet Finder tools, our awarding winning Acca+1 value add product for accumulators, Fast Bet for single click betting, Amazon style Recommendations driven by bespoke A.I., Racing Results (yes we didn’t even have those on desktop) and perhaps the best Football Coupons in the industry plus a lot more. On top of that all of this is now delivered in an experience that is consistent with mobile so you need only educate yourself on one platform and you are good to go on the other.”