Online gambling reaches 44% at Finland’s Veikkaus

Business News

Revenues amounted to 805.6 million euros (-1%) and a financial profit of 256 million euros (+ 2%). These are the numbers Finnish gaming operator Veikkaus in the first quarter of 2018.

Between January and March, online gaming grew by 10%, but the collection was driven mainly by the excellent performance of the Eurojackpot, which improved its results by 30% amounting to € 76.8 million.

Of the total turnover from games, 56% comes from physical stores and 44% from digital channels. “The 2018 year of Veikkaus started according to expectations, we focused on the adoption of new responsible gaming tools launched at the end of 2017,” said Veikkaus President and CEO Olli Sarekoski.

“Last December, Veikkaus introduced online game control tools, unique in the international arena: they include money transfers and uniform loss limits that are mandatory for everyone: we have received a positive response from our customers about gaming restrictions and over one million customers have set their own personal money transfer limits.

” On the market’s future, Veikkaus’s number one said “the focus of the game is shifting to digital games, up 10% during the first quarter of the year. With our offers of versatile games, we want to direct our products to responsible national channels. We also decided to review the company strategy in 2018, to respond to the profound changes in our operating environment. “