Kindred in cooperation with mobile ID app “itsme” in Belgium

Business News

Kindred Group has announced its cooperation with itsme, a free mobile identification application, for its Belgian customers. Kindred is the first Belgian online gambling operator to work with the digital identification solution, equally used and supported by the Belgian government.

Itsme, a government-supported initiative by three major Belgian banks and two telecom providers, is a mobile identification application, enabling customers to identify themselves via a unique 5-digit numerical code or fingerprint.

Verifying and validating user identities is a complex and time-consuming process. Itsme will provide a faster, more secure way of accessing the site, thereby maximising player safety. At the same time, it will offer customers a user-friendly solution that speeds up the verification process and allows a safe log-in experience.

With the integration in its Belgian platform, Kindred continues to invest in reliable and user-friendly identification of its Belgian customers and allows for the secure and simple registration on its website with the unique itsme code.

Dennis Mariën, Country Manager for Kindred in Belgium, explains the collaboration: “We are delighted to be the first operator to start working with itsme. Kindred values the best possible protection of its customers and strives to offer a safe and responsible gambling platform. The integration of tools such as the itsme app, which ensures reliable, correct and user-friendly identification of the customer, is a crucial part of this journey. Moreover, a comprehensive identification process will also help in the fight against fraud.”