Slovakian governnmet set to open online casino market to operators

Business News

The Slovakian Ministry of Finance says it will submit a new gambling law proposal for comment primarily addressing the latest trends in digitisation and the increased requirement for consumer protections.

“The most fundamental changes brought by the new legislation are focused on online gambling, where more and more players are moving,” the Ministry said.

Drawing  inspiration from Denmark, Sweden, Romania and the Czech Republic, the proposal’s emphasis lies in strengthening player protection and the implementation of a new licensing structure.

The draft law proposes the creation of a new gambling supervisory body whose exclusive competence will be gambling regulation funded by the proposed license fee scheme.

In related news, the Ministry published its latest online gambling blacklist now comprising 190 domains, from just ten in July 2017.

Twenty-five domains were removed having ceased activity in the Slovakian market, the ministry reports, while 381 websites withdrew from the market before any formal requests to cease-and-desist were sent.  144 entities who were sent the official appeal also ended their activity.

At the request of the finance ministry, Slovakian courts have already issued 13 injunctions to payment service providers to cease payment transactions to illegal operators and 73 orders to internet service providers to block access to illegal web sites.

The Ministry reminds, a fine of up to Euro 500,000 may be imposed for the operation of banned services.