GIG set to disrupt the sports betting industry

Sports Betting

Gaming Innovation Group has launched the most advanced and disruptive sports betting platform product of the last decade, introducing a different take on the odds market for the upcoming World Cup.

The platform, which has been under development for the last 18 months, launched today on, the company’s own brand. It will be made available to external operators at a later date.

Creating an outstanding user experience

During the tournament it will offer a range of proprietary unique markets, with GiG pledging to keep open a number of ‘never suspend’ markets, including the outright tournament winner.

The innovative product integrates the ultra-responsive, highly flexible, scalable and data-driven platform services, which will reap immediate rewards by supporting the operators to outperform the competition by creating an outstanding user experience.

GiG Director of Sports, Endre Nesset: “We’ll make a huge difference to the way sports betting is experienced”

Its multi-tenant system is implemented using microservices architecture and uses the ‘actor model’ to handle millions of messages in a highly concurrent distributed manner, guaranteeing linear scalability to meet future demands.

The GiG Sports portfolio consists of three brand new modules which can either be integrated as standalone products or bundled together with GIG Core (previously known as iGaming Cloud) for a complete solution.

These include:

● GiG Sports Connect – Proprietary in-house odds and aggregated odds and data service giving operators the opportunity to approach the market any way they want, as well as the freedom to choose their odds for every event and market imaginable.

● GiG Trader – State-of-the art, proprietary trading tools and risk management platform, built to optimize user experience and responsiveness to increase performance.

● GiG Goal – Mobile-first front end and middleware solution. Highly responsive with integrated machine learning for personalization and optimized user journey.

Endre Nesset, Director of Sports at GiG, says: “Building on our experience from both the operator and platform perspectives, we have come up with what we believe is the ultimate sportsbook solution.

“We have created a highly flexible, scalable and significantly advanced platform. Operators will have the freedom to personalise their offering to optimise the user experience. This way they can focus on marketing their brands and driving revenue.

“We believe our trading tool is more responsive than anything out there. We are poised to disrupt the market in a big way and are extremely confident that we will make a huge difference to the way sports betting is experienced today – and in the future.”