BetMakers to acquire 100% of shares in Global Betting Services

Business News

The BetMakers Holdings formally TopBetta Holdings is pleased to announce that its newly incorporated subsidiary, BetMakers DNA Pty Ltd, has agreed to acquire 100% of the shares in the parent company of Global Betting Services Pty Ltd for a total purchase price of $10 Million payable in cash and or fully paid ordinary shares in the Company.

GBS is a leading wagering service provider which delivers data services to some of the world’s most respected corporate bookmakers including William Hill, Sportsbet, Kindred (Unibet) Ladbrokes, Bet365 and many other leading operators in Australia and the UK.

Through its flagship product, Price Manager, the GBS integrations feed through historical and live data to consumer-facing racing products, providing a fully integrated solution which is required to operate an online betting system.

With TBH’s strong in-house development and customer support team, significant growth is expected to be achieved by offering a greater diversity of products through GBS’s existing integrations to GBS’s current client base. The Company’s infrastructure also provides the opportunity to expand the client base of GBS with significant opportunities in both the UK and US markets.

The BetMakers CEO, Todd Buckingham, commented “This is an important and strategic acquisition for TBH in its transition to a complete wholesale offering. GBS has previously operated with a small team and the Company’s established development, marketing and support team will allow us to not only expand the client base, but also to increase the products offered through GBS’s existing customer integrations.”

“As the market embraces more fixed odds, fixed odds-based products and derivatives globally, the GBS business offering will be well