GambleAware to raise spending to £32m

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GambleAware will spend £32m tackling gambling-related harms over the next two years. Details are revealed in the charity’s new Strategic Delivery Plan for 2018-20 and include significantly increased investment across all areas of its designated role in delivering the National Responsible Gambling Strategy.

GambleAware will divide the funding between research and evaluation (£9.8m), education (£5.6m) and treatment (£14.3m). The commitment is part of the charity’s aim to improve the type and amount of treatment services on offer, while also working to understand better how to prevent gambling related harm.

To deliver prevention at a far greater scale than ever before, GambleAware will be announcing collaborations with new partners in England, Scotland and Wales over the coming weeks. Trustees are determined to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency in the services and activities GambleAware commissions and funds by working with others who share the organisations objective to reduce the harms arising from gambling.

The money will also be put towards new initiatives such as: Developing a ‘knowledge hub’ which will include eLearning, digital downloads, and guidance specifically designed to help educators and others working with young audiences.

Extending access for multi-disciplinary treatment beyond London for those with severe and/or complex needs.

Developing focussed education campaigns and initiatives which will target vulnerable groups, operators, sports teams, social media platforms and public and third sector groups such as GPs and debt advisors.

This new level of expenditure exceeds the £10m minimum target for voluntary donations agreed with the Gambling Commission and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.
The new amount also accounts for the receipt of extra income from ‘regulatory settlements’, and payments to good causes, which were agreed between gambling companies and the regulator, when the Gambling Commission has chosen not use its powers to impose a statutory sanction. This funding has enabled GambleAware, not only to provide the core elements of research, education and treatment across Britain, but to announce this major acceleration in their delivery.

Of the new Strategic Delivery Plan, Marc Etches, CEO of GambleAware has said:

With only 2% of problem gamblers receiving treatment, it is clear more needs to be done to make sure people are able to receive the help and support they need. The industry has consistently failed to meet its funding target of £10 million, and it will need to step-up its contributions in the absence of state involvement, to ensure we are able to deliver this necessary expansion of services in future without relying on what are, in effect, fines for bad behaviour.

We all have a responsibility to try and help those who may be struggling with a gambling addiction. We look forward to seeing the industry, broadcasters, advertisers and sports groups do their part to help prevent gambling related harm and work to raise awareness of the help and advice that is available at