Ladbrokes Belgium suspended for one day in September

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Ladbrokes Belgium has been sanctioned for offering bets on unauthorized virtual matches at the end of last year and early this year until 14 March. 

The Gaming Commission, the regulator of the sector, decided to suspend its license for 24 hours on September 3rd.

This means that on September 3rd, at midnight, the Belgian branches of Ladbrokes PLC’s global subsidiary, as well as the bookstores that distribute its products and activities online, will be suspended until midnight, 24 hours later.

Ladbrokes was the first gambling operator to launch virtual bets on the Belgian market.
Virtual betting, which consists in betting on the outcome of fictitious competitions, has been the subject of several, sometimes contradictory, decisions by the regulator in recent years. Ladbrokes was the first gambling operator to launch them on the Belgian market. He had taken some advantage from this pioneering activity, since at one point the authorities had suspended the authorization process for new entrants, but not for those (who …) who were already exploiting this type of betting.

The result was a certain regulatory vagueness , still fueled by various judgments in various senses, before a decision of the federal government finally comes to put order in this market niche. Finally, as a reminder, on May 9, the government adopted a royal decree defining this type of betting as automatic games of chance and allowing the exploitation in betting agencies.

The Gaming Commission initiated an administrative procedure against Ladbrokes and decided that 24-hour suspension because the operator would have continued to offer virtual bets for a period of time beyond its authorization.

Asked about it, Ladbrokes points out that he only learned the sanction decision by a third party, on Tuesday, August 7, and then on Wednesday, August 8, via an email from the Gaming Commission, while the information was already published in the morning in several newspapers. It ” deeply regrets that such confidential information is transmitted to the press and to third parties even before it is informed” .

The company adds that it reserves the right to lodge a criminal complaint for breach of professional secrecy. According to its leaders, this sanction ” has no place ” because the company ” has always respected the law “. While stressing that he will respect the Commission’s decision and that he will apply the sanction on 3 September, the operator intends to challenge this decision before the Council of State.