Catena Media increases earnings

Business News

Catena Media is raging on the stock exchange after the second quarterly report in the morning. 

Turnover for the company was 26.1 million euros, compared with 15.1 million for the same period last year. The current quarter’s revenue was a joy point just above Bloomberg’s analyst consensus of 25.9.

Organic growth was 30 percent and operating income was strong 10 million euros, compared with 5.4 million in 2017. However, it was below the expected result of 11 million, which thus affected the stock market during the opening.

Ebitda profit was EUR 12.1 million (6.3), with an ebitda margin of 46.4 percent (41.7).

The company’s CEO states in the report that it is time to set up a switch in the United States.

“In May, the United States Supreme Court announced that the sports betting industry in the US will be regulated, opening up a huge new iGaming market. Catena Media is already delivering quality leads to new players in New Jersey and we are investing in a future with an increased player inflow and higher revenues, “says CEO Per Hellberg.

According to the company, the United States can also be the company’s largest market, as early as next year.