Aspire Global revenue up 43%

Business News

Aspire Global has reported record revenue of €24.7m in Q2 an increase of 43%. Both revenues and EBITDA hit record levels, reflecting the strong performance of several partner brands including Karamba, combined with a great interest in our sports offering that was launched in the first quarter.

Aspire Global CEO Tsachi Maimon said, the second quarter delivered excellent results with strong contribution from several key partners. Revenues increased while EBITDA improved by 58% compared to the corresponding quarter last year, which also included substantial revenues from the Australian market that was discontinued on September 12th, 2017.

The strong performance is mainly driven by two factors; successful partnerships and a stronger offering. Firstly, we have improved our ability to focus our resources on the partners and brands with the highest potential and strongest performance. As for the offering, we continuously improve our solution, both in terms of quality and width of the solution, most recently through the upgrade to a more advanced platform system and the very promising launch of Sportsbook as well as higher efficiency in our data-driven tools. As a result, several B2B-brands are outperforming, along with higher activity for B2C.

B2B revenues increased by 39% to €12.4 million (8.9), constituting 50% of the company’s total revenues for the second quarter. For the six months’ period, the revenues amounted to 22.1 MEUR (16.7). 2 brands were successfully launched in the second quarter, resulting in a total of 38 partners currently operating on the company’s platform (not including Aspire Global’s proprietary brands).

Moreover, Sportsbook was up and running with two of our partner brands well in time for the World Cup; Goliath and Nossa Aposta, contributing to their growth. Aller Media’s new iGaming brand was launched in June and BetRegal, a sports operator, will be migrating to Aspire Global from a competing platform during the fourth quarter of 2018. The migration is strategically important as it confirms the competitive advantage for our sports solution.