Ganapati Group Compny Set To Launch ICO


The Ganapati group has made quite a name for itself in the online casino industry this year. After entering the international market in April with its unique and instantly recognisable Japanese-style games, it then recently announced the upcoming launch of a new ICO to be issued by subsidiary company, GanaEight Coin Limited, based in Malta.

GanaEight Coin Ltd will issue the G8C Token, which is to be specifically for the online casino market to bet and play. Ganapati PLC, the group’s parent company, and GanaEight Coin Ltd are currently developing an online casino ICO, combining their technical and financial expertise, authentic Japanese content, and knowledge of both the casino and online casino industries.

5 Star caught up with the two newly appointed co-CEOs of GanaEight Coin Ltd, Hayato Terai and Dr Kristina Deguara, to talk us through the features of their new platform and ICO.

There are a lot of online casino ICOs out there. What will make G8C stand out from the crowd?

Hayato Terai: Generally, there are two kinds of online casino ICOs. The first kind are ICOs that use “online casino” as their motif for their blockchain company. It is obvious that they don’t understand the online casino world and it is doubtful whether or not their business is feasible and if they understand usability.

We are an established casino company whose existence lies in the centre of the casino business. We are managed by outstanding personnel with plenty of experience. We know the casino industry inside out. What operators want, what users are dissatisfied with – we know and understand all these problems.

The second kind are former casino companies that start a new company for ICO. We’re doubtful about these companies’ ability to actually deliver. There are also companies that make people think they are using ICO solely for the purpose of raising funds. There are coins that promote direct betting, but they are inconsistent and if you investigate them thoroughly, they turn out to be chips bought within the site. Basically, they are tokens used for payment.

What do you think of the current ICOs on the market?

HT: I think most of the ICOs have been traded below their offered price. The instant they’re listed they drop in value. These kinds of ICO are basically worthless.

In contrast, we have a unique strategy. We have forged a secure and logical path that didn’t exist before now. Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail about it today, but I am looking forward to announcing it to investors, operators and users soon. They are sure to be happy.

For what reasons do you think that online casino players will purchase G8C?

Kristina Deguara: With blockchain technology, we can gain the trust of players because of its transparency which cannot be disputed.

Why do you think that online casino operators will use your original platform and how many do you expect to use it?

HT: We are an existing supplier and already have strong ties with global operators. We are aiming for 1,500 companies to adopt it.

Why should players be compelled to use G8C instead of legal currencies?

KD: You can bet directly, depositing and withdrawing is quick, and there is transparency in the results.

Let’s talk about token purchase – what currencies can be used when purchasing G8C and what is the minimum purchase amount?

KD: ETH and BTC can be used and the minimum purchase amount is at least 0.1 BTC.

How do you obtain the rate at time of purchase and what is the process after purchase?

HT: We adopt Coin Market Cap’s rates. 

KD: After KYC is carried out, the token will be sent to the wallet – an Ether compatible wallet such as My Ether Wallet is required. After we receive the Ether-based token, we then send the original blockchain token through our original wallet.

What will the tax be when purchasing and selling G8C?

KD: It depends on your country or region, so please inquire through the relevant organisations.

Why did the both of you, who are lawyers, become CEOs for G8C?

KD: We weren’t invited just for the sake of this ICO – we were already part of the Ganapati group and had been working in the casino industry. We are professionals when it comes to law and we are experts in legal compliance.

ICOs should fundamentally undergo rigid inspections and strictly adhere to compliance regulations. However, it’s a sad reality that genuine ICOs are rare. We were appointed to differentiate our ICO from all others.

HT: We think that blockchain is by nature a great thing. Of course, the combination with online casinos is the best way to fully demonstrate the advantages that blockchain technology already has. If we can correctly guide and realise this revolutionary ICO combination, we can provide truly safe and fair entertainment to all users. We believe that this will be a great historical event that will change the industry.

We also have an excellent executive team with a wealth of experience in finance, IT, Japanese creativity, and the casino industry. We are committed to making our platform a reality as we have gathered the best people from these four areas.

G8C will revolutionise the online casino industry – it will become the Bitcoin of the online casino industry.